Our Team

Friends and collaborators for many years, the members of myFloc Leadership have all personally experienced the challenges of how people do money together.

With deep expertise in aging,  financial services and Fintech, they set out to create, with the help of many smart and generous people, a simple solution for this complex problem.

Elizabeth Clubb

Founder & CEO

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Jason Thomas


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Ed Watson

Strategic Finance


myFloc Advisors

We are lucky to surround ourselves with incredible people who believe in the myFloc mission.

They contribute their voices and support in so many ways and bring deep expertise in financial technology, human resources, entrepreneurship, professional caregiving, healthcare and wellness, organizational development and so much more. We are grateful for their energy, guidance and friendship.

Troy Deus


Mary Eisenhower


Divya Iyengar

Andrew McConnell


Ryan Powers


Nan Siler

Dr. Amrik Walia

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